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  1. Question does the program have to be running on the computer in order for it to work on another machines? I'm assuming it does.
  2. I need help setting up my software so I can access it from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I'm guessing the only way would be through web access. I want it so where I can view it while connected to the same network and for when I'm at home on another network. I can access from my computer, by going into the software and clicking on the web access and I log in with my email and password but I want to be able to do this on my tab 3.
  3. I over looked the setting in the options window. Found it.
  4. I just started taking credit cards and my credit card stuff will be separate from the POS program but I would like to have a selectable option under payment methods that just say Credit Card. So at least it can be marked with the sale the customer used a credit card. How do I add Credit Card to payment method? Right now it only lets me pick Checks, Cash. Thanks
  5. Alrighty, I will check into setting up the web access function. Thanks
  6. Is there a android app so that I can also use this software on my tablet and in my business?
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