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  1. I've been using SWITCH successfully for a long time on my PC for conversion to CCITT, ulaw, .au, and PCM formats etc for my telephony clients. Thought I had sorted out all the kinks.


    I recently switched to the Mac (both for SWITCH software as well as my OS) and now the process doesn't work.


    I've spent two days trying to give my client (for whom my files used to work) every conceivable combination I can think of -- from hi-res WAV files to 16 bit 8k wav files (Exported from ProTools HD) - to .au files (ulaw) - but now I no longer see the CCITT as a conversion option - even under "Custom". I've also tried converting from WAV to .AU and then downsampling again to 8 bit WAV - and NOTHING is working.


    They have a CISCO system, and when I asked what THEY use to convert, they said "Adobe Audacity 1.3.3 BETA which is ancient, and no longer downloadable from trusted vendors. Ditto Adobe AUDITION CS6, which is supposed to have the right codecs but is no longer supported.


    I've asked other telephony clients and I understand from them that the original wav files may need to be "downsampled" first - so I've tried THAT also. No luck.


    The client sent me a file that DOES work for them (not mine) and when I try to import it into ProTools to inspect/listen to it, it SEEMS to think it's a QuickTime file.


    Can you provide ANY clues at all??




    Perry N

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