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  1. RecordPad sometimes records audio at double speed and high pitch. This happens after re-boot of a computer. After another re-boot, the new recordings will record normally. Re-booting somehow changes some internal (invisible) settings or parameters or variables of RecordPad. Note: high speed and high pitch recordings can be played on WavePad by using Voice -> "Speed and Pitch Change" tool of the Menu, and changing the recorded track to 50% of "Speed and Pitch Change". This happens on many versions of RecordPad: old versions and new versions. This happens on both x86 and x64 Windows.
  2. When debut version 1.88, Windows 7, 32-bit, is set to continuously record, say for 1 hour, save 1-hour recording and automatically keep (continue) recording to new file, in infinite loop, sometimes error message (dialog window) appears: "Major deviation detected from system clock" and the choice is presented to the user "Use system clock, or No". But the problem is that from the time that pop-up appears the recording is stopped in the background and nothing is being recorded while the dialog window is waiting for user's response on how to handle the "major deviation". Only when User clicks "Ye
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