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  1. N_C_H_joshb a link would be good as I have looked and cannot easily find how to make suggestions.. Thanks for reading and replying Barry
  2. I have managed to use an excel macro to open each dat file item in the back up folder, add it as a new line, and end up with a csv file to edit then re import with corrections etc. This worked no problem... However, It was not quick, as many items were not the same format so some of the lines needed extra columns to align everything. Lotds of So yes it is possible, but could be made easier with an export option.
  3. Does anyone from the development team ever look at these posts? So often I see questions un answered. Even a quick answer that its on the list, or not at this time would show someone cared about this really great little program Barry
  4. Hi, For the developers really as I dont think this can be done at the moment? I wonder if it would be possible to add a jpg instead of text in the footer position on A4 receipts. We currently print a simple form first and then use this pre printed paper for receipts, Would be good to be able to print this on one go. Also an advert or offer could be added easily to every receipt? Barry
  5. Looking through here it seems very often simple questions go unanswered. Do the team look at this forum? My email questions also seem to fall on deaf ears. I understand that as a free program its hard to cover costs of support, however I assume it is a free program to lure people into purchasing Inventior and other products, so leaving us in the dark may not be good practice... long term!
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