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  1. Yes, but that doesn't give the Supplier's address & contact info. I want to download a list of suppliers with that data, not have to slice-and-dice my payments to get one record per supplier.
  2. Why can I export all other static data except Suppliers? Is there a way that's different than the other export functions for Chart of Accounts, Customers, and Items?
  3. I'm adding onto this thread, because I had the same problem. I deleted the 2 partial payments (one of which was incorrect), but now the invoice says it's paid and won't let me re-enter a payment. I've tried recalculating customer balances, but it still doesn't affect the "Paid" flag.
  4. I'd like to be able to get a report of the dates I sold a particular item. I can get a count of sales in a period, but I would like to get something that looks similar to: Item: ThePartNumber Date Invoice Number Customer Qty 1/04/2014 12234 TheBestCust 5 2/10/2014 13457 OtherCust 2 Or, failing that, a data dump of the invoice detail, and I can create it myself in a spreadsheet.
  5. I've got a similar problem - when I go to print an invoice, it crashes. I've reported it as a bug, but no response yet. I'm on a Mac, in US English.
  6. Me too! I've been going back and entering all my 2013 info, and I have several recurring bills. I entered all twelve bills for one vendor, but when I went to go enter the "payment", only the last one was available to post to. I will report this as a bug to tech support.
  7. Thank you! Your first suggestion worked. I made the (!)assumption that if I couldn't put in a negative quantity, I couldn't enter a negative price. It all works great now! Thank you!
  8. Hi - I'm using EA on a Mac. I have written a book (yay!), and I have a Print on Demand (POD) company fulfill the sales from distributors and bookstores. Each month, they deposit the (very modest) net sales in my bank account. My problem: I would like to set something up so I can show: 1) Qty sold 2) Gross Sales amount 3) The printing charges they take out of the gross sales as an expense. I used to be able to do this part in Quicken by setting up a multi-account posting with the printing charges as an expense against sales, except of course I was never able to track quantities other than manually making notes. I don't seem to be able to set up a purchase order or sales order or invoice properly to do this. Example: Sold 16 books in October. Gross Sales = $181.92 Printing Charges = $87.68 Net Deposit = $94.24 The printing charges are always $5.48 per book. I could go ahead and make that the COGS for the item, but it won't balance for the net deposit. I have tried: - Creating an item for the printing charges, but EA won't let me put in a negative quantity (which makes me worry about returns, as occasionally happens). - Doing a percentage discount - that started an interesting chain of problems, resulting in me having to delete everything including the items for the book. I think I'm looking at 3 separate manual journal entries: 1 for gross sales, 1 for printing charges, 1 for net deposit. However, once again, I don't get quantity tracking that way.
  9. Hi - Thank you. The missing information is RIGHT-CLICK on a supplier. That pulls up the sub-menu.
  10. I'd like to import my suppliers from a CSV file; the online help manual seems to imply that I can do this, but I don't see the information it's talking about: Import Suppliers from CSV This option is only available from the desktop version of Express Accounts [GOT IT]. It is also not available from the Supplier menu when the Supplier list is opened from the Payments and Purchases form. [uNDERSTOOD.] You can import a list of suppliers you have used previously to save time entering new suppliers into Express Accounts. To import a list, open the Suppliers list, click the Supplier menu [WHAT AND WHERE IS THIS??] and click Import Suppliers from CSV. Browse to the CSV file and click Open. The Match CSV Fields dialog will open in Express Accounts. You'll need to match up the columns from the CSV file with headings in Express Accounts. For more information on how to do this, see the help topic Match CSV Fields in the Screen References section of this manual. Is this option available for the Mac version? It would be helpful to know there's a difference. Thanks in advance for your support!
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