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  1. Yes, but that doesn't give the Supplier's address & contact info. I want to download a list of suppliers with that data, not have to slice-and-dice my payments to get one record per supplier.
  2. Why can I export all other static data except Suppliers? Is there a way that's different than the other export functions for Chart of Accounts, Customers, and Items?
  3. I'm adding onto this thread, because I had the same problem. I deleted the 2 partial payments (one of which was incorrect), but now the invoice says it's paid and won't let me re-enter a payment. I've tried recalculating customer balances, but it still doesn't affect the "Paid" flag.
  4. I'd like to be able to get a report of the dates I sold a particular item. I can get a count of sales in a period, but I would like to get something that looks similar to: Item: ThePartNumber Date Invoice Number Customer Qty 1/04/2014 12234 TheBestCust 5 2/10/2014 13457 OtherCust 2 Or, failing that, a data dump of the invoice detail, and I can create it myself in a spreadsheet.
  5. I've got a similar problem - when I go to print an invoice, it crashes. I've reported it as a bug, but no response yet. I'm on a Mac, in US English.
  6. Me too! I've been going back and entering all my 2013 info, and I have several recurring bills. I entered all twelve bills for one vendor, but when I went to go enter the "payment", only the last one was available to post to. I will report this as a bug to tech support.
  7. Thank you! Your first suggestion worked. I made the (!)assumption that if I couldn't put in a negative quantity, I couldn't enter a negative price. It all works great now! Thank you!
  8. Hi - I'm using EA on a Mac. I have written a book (yay!), and I have a Print on Demand (POD) company fulfill the sales from distributors and bookstores. Each month, they deposit the (very modest) net sales in my bank account. My problem: I would like to set something up so I can show: 1) Qty sold 2) Gross Sales amount 3) The printing charges they take out of the gross sales as an expense. I used to be able to do this part in Quicken by setting up a multi-account posting with the printing charges as an expense against sales, except of course I was never able to track quantities othe
  9. Hi - Thank you. The missing information is RIGHT-CLICK on a supplier. That pulls up the sub-menu.
  10. I'd like to import my suppliers from a CSV file; the online help manual seems to imply that I can do this, but I don't see the information it's talking about: Import Suppliers from CSV This option is only available from the desktop version of Express Accounts [GOT IT]. It is also not available from the Supplier menu when the Supplier list is opened from the Payments and Purchases form. [uNDERSTOOD.] You can import a list of suppliers you have used previously to save time entering new suppliers into Express Accounts. To import a list, open the Suppliers list, click the Supplier menu [WHAT AN
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