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  1. copper sees the item and syncs w inventoria for transactions if i delete transaction, inventoria doesnt return the quantity back, suppose to update deleted transactions ?
  2. what does that mean? my ports are all configured properly with copper, inv and express accts
  3. do you need port forwarding for it says invalid ip for the router. i use port 1097, it says connection rejected by copper - application integration not enabled by copper
  4. hi im trying to dig in syncing 3 apps for a week now, changing ports and router forwarding. got copper work with inventoria for transactions but removing transactions dont update inventoria. express accounts doesnt even sync items and totals. this is really hard stuff syncing all 3 to work and im starting to give up i hope i can get help here, support is not very helpful when it comes to explaining in detail what is the port that i need to use to sync them all locally, i dont use cloud access or do i need it? tnx
  5. both copper and inventoria are sync and properly ported. after transaction it rejects the connection... any ideas? tnx
  6. should express accounts update when copper does a transaction? copper and inv are synced, express acct is still zeroes view > items still unchanged tnx
  7. i tried deleting transactions in copper, will inventoria return quantity back to how many it was before transaction? it is still unchanged tnx
  8. im good now, changed all ports to 1097
  9. i have configured sync access of copper and inventoria, i can view the data of inventoria in copper. made a transaction in copper gave me this error Sync error connection rejected - application integration not enabled by copper
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