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  1. OK so how do I link all the above together? I have my inventoria in the warehouse, I have my Express Invoice in The Shop I have my express accounts in the accounts dept Item comes in and gets uploaded in to inventoria, then I sell said item in the shop, right that is fine items are coming and going as should be. Sold items are removed form stock as invoice is raised which is fine ......... NOW How the hell do I link Express Invoice with Express Accounts? As that only update the stock from Inventori and not the invoices raised in Express Invoices ..... Too confusing
  2. Tony, No this issue still hasn't been solved Glenngary Are you working on PC or Mac?
  3. OK this is really doing my head in now and I can not work it out Why when I update my stock and add new stock in inventoria doe sit not accept the stock amount in Express accounts? It has 0 stock in EA despiote having 5 in Inventoria ... I then have to manually re-imput all the stock quantities in EA ..... Just added 900 new products so you can imagine how time consuming this is .....
  4. So Ok then, I have uploaded all my stock in to inventoria. I now want to start using Express Accounts, so I link the two and import al the products from Inventoria. Stock records are showing the correct stock and all is OK. However why does my Inventory Report show zero products?
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