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  1. Hi, This tool is awesome. It seems such a shame that it appears quite neglected by NCH Software. When scouring the Internet I've found it very hard to find such a useful and reliable tool as Slice, but it still falls short in some ways that would surely be easy to fix. I'm using silence detection to separate LP sides into tracks. Works great most of the time, except it cuts off small fractions of the beginning and ends of the tracks, especially when there is a lead in or fade out. Technologically, this is understandable - but surely also very easy to fix. The simplest fix I can think of is to have an offset feature which simply increases the size of the slice by a leading and/or trailing offset. To make it a killer ap for LP conversion wouldn't be hard with 2 more features too: 1.An option to preserve all / a percentage of silence. 2.An option to place the split - i.e. at the beginning of sound or the beginning of silence. Setting Option #1 to 100% and Option 2 to 'Beginning of Sound' with a 2 second lead-in offset and a 2 second fade-out offset would produce very reliable results, I think. Andrew
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