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  1. I came to this conclusion. For the the effort and hours you will put into this. Total waste of time. I came upon www.sipphone.com for the few bucks it costs to use their service I just went with it instead. It's also a sip compliant service so I just had zero problems.
  2. Well I am playing around with bouncing calls from my pbx, through axon and then through uplink. I had to add a + to the dialing plan in axon as well to get it working. Would be nice if you could configure some of these things right in uplink?
  3. I don't have any logs there either, how do I turn them on?
  4. Hi Ben, that didn't help. If someone calls me on skype, it will route the call properly. If I try ti dial out on my IP phone via my linksys pbs, uplink sees the sip call but skype doesn't do anything. If I manually dial the call it will go through though.
  5. Does it matter if I have the pro version or just the one off the web?
  6. I can get calls in from skype and they will route to my linksys spa-9000 and out to the designated extension, but whats weird is when I dial out, it shows that a sip call has been placed and skype does nothing. But if I go into skype and dial a number or connect to someone it will connect the call. Anyone have a clue whats going on here? running xp pro sp2
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