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  1. Thanks for the response, even though it is well over two years late!!!! The problem seems to be one of file size and not duration. I *think* the problem occurs at the half a gigabyte threshold, though I have not tried to narrow it down exactly. I have one file that is less that half-a-gig and works with Slice but, due to a difference in bit rate, has a longer duration than a file that is over half-a-gig that does not work. It is kind of you to point us to the free version of WavePad, but that is clearly not a useful substitute for Slice. In Slice I can request that a file be split into
  2. http://nch.invisionz...nput-file-size/ This has been an issue for over two years. I realize this is freeware, but if you can't deal with at least responding to a question about a serious flaw in your software, then I don't know why I'd want to risk paying money for any of your non-free products.
  3. I tried to do a 750 MB file and it did NOTHING. I am concerned that the UI showed the time of the file a -09:-09:-39, so perhaps it's the duration and not the file size that's the issue???
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