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  1. Is there a way for me to bulk-subtask a group of tasks or a method of me being able to load a task template of some sort with subtasks? Or another acceptable alternative would be to be able to assign a header in the CSV.
  2. So i finally got a new computer, from vista to 8.1. My fastfox version on my old computer is from four years ago. i don't remember the version number, but old. Have a huge dictionary now because i've had it for so long, easily thousands of words. However, when i load it onto the new fastfox version, it's corrupted. i have over 100 copies of my dictionary with minor changes in it and not one of them works. Any idea how i can fix this? It has entirely crippled my productivity, not to mention i have had to start from memory/scratch again, thousands of words i shortcutted. Second pro
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