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  1. I have contacted support but they have been of no help. They advised me to clear cache and try again. This, of course, didn't work either. I'm just trying to get some satisfaction. Thanks.


    Hi, where abouts is the clear cache option located?

  2. I am having the same problem with the latest version of Videopad. This never happened before i upgraded to the latest version. Mine freezes but not necessarily in the same spot during mp4 creation. Any ideas???


    What's the spec of your PC, is it more powerful than mine (see 5th post above)?

  3. This has been happening to me too! I have a 15 min holiday film using HD 1080p video files and it crashes at around 7% whether it be as a file or trying to burn to DVD. I think my PC may have something to do with as it was struggling when I was uploading the video files into the programme.


    What is the recommended spec for a PC when working with VideoPad and HD footage? My PC is quite old, only 1GB RAM and a 3.06Ghz Celeron CPU. I have all the vid files kept on a 1TB external drive rather than on the PC though. But the programme still crashes.

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