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  1. For some reason I have a popping sound between clips on my video when I play it in Video Pad. I'm running version 3.24 by the way. I though maybe the sound was from the actual video so I tried to fade in and out of the clips, but that didn't solve anything. So then I thought maybe the problem would go away if I added a transition between the two video clips. That didn't help either. The popping noise is really sudden and loud right when the video goes from one clip to another. I might have 20 clips in this video and I only hear the noise between the same 5 clips. Can anyone explain to me what the problem is and give me a solution? Thanks.
  2. I'm trying to render out a video that I need to have as soon as possible. I've finished making the video and I even previewed it. It looked fine. Then I render it out and I end up with a video that's just a black screen, with the video audio playing in the background. Also the video is only 4:16 long but it renders out to 5:16 long for some reason. I really need this video finished soon. In about 2 hours it will actually be too late for me to use this video. So I'd really appreciate if someone has a solution for me. Thanks.
  3. (Questions is actually about version 3.29,sorry) Switched to the Version 3.29 trial recently after having a paid Version 2.41 on my old now broken computer. I made the jump because V 2.41 isn't supported on Windows 8, which my new computer runs. I started using V 3.29 and when I went to save I get a message saying I can't save until I buy the full program. Odd thing is, it let me save before. I'm not sure how long the trial is. I thought it would be at least a week. I've only had the trial program for maybe 15 hours. Can someone tell me if there is a way I can save projects or let me know if the trial of V 3.29 is just extremely short. Thanks.
  4. Ok thanks Larry. That helped me a lot. I can now fade out of the PNG file though but not fade into it. In V 2.41, if I added a fade on a PNG pic it would fade in and out of the pic. Is there a way to fade into the pic in V 3.29. If not, I can work with just being able to fade out of the PNG pic. Thanks again
  5. I'm used to using Video pad 2.41 but my computer decided to finally quit on me and I just bought a new one. The new one wont run VP 2.41 since that version doesn't run on Windows 8. So I now I have version 3.29. I've figured everything out besides how PNG format pictures work on the overlay track. In V 2.41 I could drag and drop a PNG picture onto the overlay track and then had the options in the preview box on the right to edit the size of the PNG, add a fade so it faded in and out and didn't just pop up all of a sudden, and I could also make the PNG a complex multi layer PNG in Photoshop with the scale size 1280 x 720 so when I added it to a VP project I could just center it and stretch it to its max size...and it would fit the screen perfectly. I have a project due in about 4 days and I can't complete it until I know how to do all those same things in my new version 3.29 VP. Can someone help me understand how to add the fade effects and also how to set the PNG files so a 1280 x 720 PNG would fit perfectly over the video. It would really be a massive help to me. Thanks.
  6. Not sure if this will help any of you but I've had the same problem and the solution for me was finding the point in the video where it kept freezing and then deleting or changing some of the effects at that point in the video. The slow motion effect for example always made my video stop rendering once it got to that efect.
  7. Nat, you nailed it. I downloaded that update in your link and I got the watermark working. Thanks for taking the time out to give me a couple different suggestions and to cover a couple of questions I might have down the road. Thank you so much! -Paul
  8. I've had VideoPad since about June 2011(I have Videopad Version 2.22). I've tried many times to enter a PNG file with a transparent background into the program. I import the file and drag it to the overlay. When I play it over the video,there is a big white box behind the image. I saw a video on youtube where a guy got his watermark to work by pressing on a little green button that had a little man on it. My video pad has no such button. Is there some update so i can get that button or is my program just not capable of having a watermark over a video without having the while box behind it? Someone please let me know, I've had this program for a long time now and this issue prevents me from doing what i want to use the program for.
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