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  1. currently i am using a workaround but kind of long and needs to be checked but does 80% of the job.
  2. i cannot see the database here! only coppers.exe and zlib1.dll, Basically i want simple export for products so that i can use this for stock taking. any ideas please help i am stuck thinking of moving to a paid software.
  3. I have a 58mm thermal printer, when selecting small receipt and 58mm from drop down the receipt prints out but is cutting off on the right hand side changed margins but no luck still cuts off value... Please help!! I purchased this printer as coppers said its compatible.. Had I know I wouldn't have... Please help Thanks in advance. Regards Jay
  4. I have a similar problem when printing on receipt side small 58mm it doesn't print fully the amounts are off page... Seems like font is too big even tough I have small receipt button checked.... Thinking maybe I should just get a bigger printer like 80mm
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