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  1. Hi, folks. Brand new to Mix and Wave both; trying to assist a friend who is less familiar with audio editing. From all I can determine, though I can't find it mentioned anywhere, it is impossible in Mixpad to paste, for example, a 5-second selection into a 1-second space between two clips on a track and have the second automatically move down the track. In video eidting, this is called rippling, and it appears to be the default function in WavePad, as it is in Audacity. If I'm wrong, please tell me what I'm missing. If I am right, perhaps someone might suggest the most efficient way to use the two applications in assembling a narrative about piece of music, in which the voice and musical selections alternate, i.e, he talks about the music, plays an ilustrative selection, then speaks again, etc. I had suggested that he record the entire narration (which is extemporaneous, not read from script), review and drop-in additional/replacement sentences; make his selection clips from the whole piece (often 10-30 seconds each from a half-hour piece), and then insert them. I thought it to be easier to place each on a track in MixPad, but since clips don't move down upon insertions... Any suggestions? Stick entirely with WavePad? Thanks.
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