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  1. So, I searched around your site for 15 minutes looking for a way to actually post to a forum topic! WTF!!!! I finally found it only aftter I clicked on the <hidden> 'open quick navigation'. WHY waste our time??? Why not have this right on the front of the forum when i enter the forum from the TAB. Really sucks to have to be here in the first place because of problems with your software, then have to register and log into a forum for an answer. can't believe you are all still in business running your company this way...
  2. Hi- I have MOV files that I created a video with. When I uploaded to Youtube I had considerable loss in quality (horrible pixalation that is not in the original) so I purchased your pro version in order to upload directly in the hope it would be better that way. Well, for one, despite my log in info being correct and up to date, I get an error message saying NoListYouTube or something like that. So I upload the flv file that is automatically saved at that point and it also has incredible loss of quality. Now I have the new version uploaded and can't get the edited footage to load - what happened? The whole point was so that I could save the project with the new version- now I cannot even get my edited work on the screen! PLEASE HELP! And please, tell me if you know, why the incredible loss of quality from my laptop to what gets saved by Videopad and what gets uploaded to youtube? I have used videopad before and did not encounter it this bad.
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