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  1. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you! Yes you have misunderstood the question. I have copper and Inventoria talking to each other just fine, this issue is the reporting of profits and such. Inventoria shows the stock levels dropping when I use copper to sell and item but the reporting functions don't show the sales that have gone through Copper, only the stock levels. For accounting purposes I NEED the sales figures and profit, tax margines which Copper doesn't have the full range of reports but Inventoria does but won't show the sales infromation! Thanks Martin Shelton Martin's Computer Service
  2. Another basic issue that I can't seem to do. When receiving new stock I can't change the buy price! Am I missing something or is that just another shortcomming of this program?
  3. Ok I have an issue, Inventoria and Copper work well to transfer stock levels but I can't get any profit or tax details. Inventoria has it but it dosn't link with Copper and Copper doesn't have that type of report ability. Anyone know how to get around this issue? Starting to wonder if Copper OR inventoria were a good investment!
  4. Hi all, Started using Inventoria for my stock but unsure how it handles GST when reciveing stock. When I worked as a PC tech in a local shop we recived stock ex GST and only added the GST at the end of the recived order. How does Inventoria treat recived items? Ex GST or post GST and how do we track the GST? Thanks
  5. Thanks apstewart I was working on that issue and you saved me heaps of time. Martin
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