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  1. I tried to get support free (sort of...I bought Photostage). No response. I bought Silver Package expecting response within 8 hours. 24 hours + later, still no response. I am not pleased that minimal support costs about as much as the product itself. In other words the REAL price of Photostage is about twice as advertised. That wouldn't be so offensive if I actually got the support, which has not been the case so far. NCH is going to get some seriously bad ratings in public places unless this issue is cleared up forthwith. i think some comment from NCH is in order here.
  2. I am working on a slide show (36 Mgs). Suddenly, it is opening very slowly both on starting and making any changes to show.
  3. rcomfort


    What are snapshots exactly? Where are they stored? Why do you need them? How are they created? Can you erase at least some of them without harm?
  4. Is there any way to mark spots on the timeline short of buying the Masters Edition?
  5. Go to the Shortcut Keys heading under the Contents heading in Help. There you will see that the space bar pauses and starts the scroll. There are other useful keys for slow and fast speed etc. etc. If you are trying to use your mouse for audio editing, you will soon be ready for a long rest in a quiet place!
  6. It occurs to me that a detailed response to your response might be useful to other users. I am creating a slide show composed of images with music and narration about 30 minutes long. I selected all the pix first and assembled them in the sequence. Now, I am working to match the narration to the images. Adding Narration.I never noticed the "Add to Sequence" option and was using the method of dragging the narration clips to the timeline. I thought Photostage would just drop in the entire file and didn't realize you have to make a selection first, so I ended up having to do a very tedious job
  7. If I had a do-over, I would thoroughly explore all functions before starting a project, especially double-clicks and right-button clips. That sounds obvious but some of us are a wee bit impatient when starting a new program . The video tutorials drive me nuts. They are so slow. But I have two issues I cannot solve: when I try to change the duration of some slides, it simply will not change no matter how much I click; and when I bring in a narration file from WavePad, only a small portion of the file shows up on the timeline, and I have to drag it all the way to the end to get the entire file
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