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  1. Hi Josh, On reflection, I should not have used the word 'professional'. As originally, there never was a professional Express Invoice in the App Store. In reply to your 1st question.....I downloaded (on 10 Sep 2013) the ONLY available iPad App which interestingly back then was called "Express Invoice HD Free Invoicing App". It was version 3.81 then. (I am unable to recall what the 'HD' means, but you may be able to clarify for me.) This App offered 'Top In-App Purchases', which I subsequently purchased 'Express Invoice' for the then going full amount of $10.49 on 26 Oct 2013, the day afte
  2. Hi iPad App users, I wish to report to the forum a critical issue with Express Invoice Version 4.38 - released 19 June 2015, (previous version 4.28 - released 11 Nov 2015). As soon as I installed 4.38 version it no longer recognises that I purchased this 'professional' version of the App in 2013. Is this a trick or just an error on the developers' behalf? From my records I paid AUD10.49 on 26 October 2013, so as not to have advertisements popping up on the screen, and the other features of the paid-up App. This 4.38 version is asking for $12.99 to have the features that I paid for in
  3. Joshb, Thank you for replying. (It has been a long wait.) I am interested to know if you or anyone else experienced similar issues in the 11 November 2014 iPad App version? The new release will be very welcomed by myself and iPad users, and hopefully pending very soon for release by the developers. Testing??? My hand is up to be a beta tester BEFORE the release.
  4. iPad users - where are you? I reported these issues to the developers twice 13 November 2014, 1 December 2014. (Update: No response.) Can anyone find out if there is an update coming to fix Version 4.28?
  5. Hi, When in this same situation, I solve this problem by being creative in my wording in the 'Description' column. The 'Unit Price' column heading stays the same whether for service/hours & widgets/units. The 'Qty' column then is appropriate for both hours & units. Does this assist? Or are you wanting a different outcome? Cheers
  6. Hi all, When I email my invoices, I place in my own wording in the body of the message. It is not convenient but does get me there in the end. Firstly, I open up a previous email (from my 'sent' box) to copy the 'body' of my own wording. This involves copy/paste/type in my own wording in the Subject, and Body of the new email. (I use the iPad App version.) I always save the email as a DRAFT before/after the changes. Once satisfied with my draft, I then send email. I use about three words from the default NCH wording & do positively hope that App Support are going to step up and provide a
  7. Ummm....There has been no whirlwind of replies on this forum. Has anyone experienced the same 'bug issues' in the latest iPad version? Anyone? (The developers have had two months to acknowledge these very fundamental bug issues exist by releasing a new update for the iPad App.)
  8. You do not state how many invoices you are sending out per time frame. But, I can't see why it would not work for a large number of invoices, as it does for me with a few invoices being emailed per week from my iPad. Here is my tip, but it requires some planning to include the Invoice Number in the SUBJECT line of your email, and not just accept the default wording from NCH. (I find very little of the default body wording helpful - deciding on my own wording & format.) Then simply.... just view & reconcile your SENT email mailbox. The subject line displays the Invoice Number.
  9. Hi iPad App users, I am an experienced user of Express Invoice - iPad version. I am experiencing some bug issues with the latest Version 4.28 (update 11 November 2014). The App icon has changed ??? (The icon is displayed like it has been zoomed IN with 50% of the outer icon gone.) The finger touching on the screen is VERY unresponsive - for example in the 'Open Invoice List'. Or when editing an invoice. (Too many more to list.) The font is in automatic Bold mode for the 'Note comment' & the 'Foot comment' in 'Preferences/Invoice'. How to turn Bold mode off??? The colour scheme
  10. Thank you for finally fixing/offering an important feature to the Date Format, in the iPad version (App update - 11 Nov 2014, Version 4.28). It has been a long wait since I first brought this to the attention on this forum (15 November 2013), and regrettably it was then left to me to send a bug report to the developers on the 11 July 2014. I hope it is just my experience that Customer Service took sometime to arrive...and NCH leave their other customers satisfied.
  11. Footnote: Ignore the " " that appeared in the 2nd paragraph a few times. It is inexplicable how they appeared, as they was not in my submission to the Developers.
  12. Thank you kindly for your assistance & importantly sending the weblink making it extremely easy for me in submitting an overdue suggestion to the Developers. It read : .... I use the iPad version of Express Invoice only. The iPad version offers a very LIMITED choice in the date formatting. For such an important feature, it does NOT offer the format I require (in Australia) : Date / Month / Year. I find in "Preferences -> Regional -> Printed Date Format", Express Invoice for the iPad provide choices of the Date Format to be : Month / Date / Year - 4 styles; Year / Month /Dat
  13. Thank you for posting the image. (A picture tells a thousand words!) Your version of Express Invoice must be for a PC based operating system. I use the iPad version of Express Invoice only. The iPad version offers a very LIMITED choice in the date formatting compared to your 'image'. (I am unsure how or if possible to post an image on this forum for you to see the iPad version.) How soon could the iPad version be updated to offer a greater number of Date Formatting choices, including the format I am seeking. Thank you, once again. Cheers.
  14. Hey, thanks heaps for a reply. Have another reading of my posting of 15 November 2013. My specific issue is for the Date Format to be : Date / Month / Year. I find in "Preferences -> Regional -> Printed Date Format", Express Invoice ONLY provide choices of the Date Format to be : Month / Date / Year - 4 styles; Year / Month /Date - 1 style. Do you think Express Invoice can provide date format to be : Date / Month / Year ?
  15. Re: Date format Interesting that no one has replied or seen the NCH oversight that the format option that I am requesting to be included in Express Invoice.....actually is the default (NCH preferred) format when posting on this forum.
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