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  1. I have a softphone app on my phone and I can get that to work, but I am trying to use a real phone (a Uniden cordless phone) with my server. And my router I use has a setting for VOIP with a phone jack on the back that is the VOIP output to a real phone. But it won't register (let alone even see my server) because I don't think those settings are correct. The settings that need to be changed to the correct server settings are in that picture. Also I think these settings need to be changed to the Axon server defaults.


    I think it would be working fine if I knew the default settings for Axon.



  2. I have a Vodafone/Huawei HG556a and I am trying to get the router to use the VOIP service from Axon. But whenever I try to connect it doesn't work and I've got a feeling that I need the really advanced settings.



    Here is the pictures of the information that I need.





    and the codecs and the advanced settings for them, all help is greatly appreciated.




    Sam Howell

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