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  1. Hello. I simply cannot use FileFort as a true "Back up utility" due to not enough memory or "cache" but I can "mirror" back up BUT it does error and when it does error I will not keep the already backed up items on the back up drive, when I start the back up again it starts from the very beginning meaning it erases everything that was previously backed up and starts new. Also it errors indiscriminate files again meaning one backup session will back up file A and not file B before it "errors", so I start back up again which it then erases the disk and starts from the beginning but this time i
  2. Thank you I will give this another go
  3. I tove the idea of this software but it simply does not work. 1. Software does not see any external drives. Period. 2. I am able to choose a drive from a dropdown menu and the software begins to backup but a couple of hours later it stops with the ""Disk full backing up files" and "Job ****** not finished do to errors". There is a post here regarding a patch I did download and install this as well but it did nothing to help. This is all I ever get and I have restarted the software, started software as Administrator and reinstalled the software. Also when I check the drive that I pointed th
  4. I am also having this same issue. It backs up for about an hour then error saying not enough room. Filefort sees the drive but is not backing up to it and I have not idea where it could be backing up to as the backup drive is empty. Help.
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