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  1. Hi macdeux I live in Spain and our requirement is also to have the VAT (IVA) number on the invoice I use the field called 'additional printed info' which is at the bottom of the Customer record (when you create or edit a customer) Hope this helps Cheers Sandra
  2. Hi, I am now using v 4.86 and have no longer got a reference field in which to put the suppliers invoice number Is that the way it is supposed to be? - I used an old version prior to v 4.86 and had a field where I could put the reference or invoice number. Can anyone enlighten me on what has happened Many thanks Sandra Bowers
  3. I have a 'mileage tracking' item - left hand menu when on the home tab - right down the bottom after configuration - I did not need to enable anything to see it. Hope this helps Sandra
  4. Hi, is it possible after creating a new business (in the multiple business option) to be able to transfer the chart of accounts, customers and suppliers information from another business? Thanks Sandra
  5. I have found the 'enable closed-to-date option in the options, general tab and it would appear to work so that you cannot post anything prior to the closed-to-date you have entered. This does not however give an 'end of year' clear down - looks like you have to go through each of your accounts and enter a zeroing balance - is this the case ? have i missed something? Cheers Sandra
  6. I have a bit of a problem, when I look at the invoices list I can see that all have a status of paid bar 1 which has a partial payment - as far as I am aware this is correct. However when I run the unpaid account report it show that a number of customers have a balance on their account, so I have an unpaid amount of 1,480.00 I am stuck, I do not know how to correct this or investigate it further. I did check in the journal and could not see any problems, my invoices matched the payment that had been received. Can anyone help please Many thanks Sandra
  7. I too am new to reflect, although I have been using Express Account for some time, I would also like to be able to modify the drop down fields available, eg 'industry' - I am on a PC. Another thing, is it possible to link between Express Accounts and Reflect? Cheers Sandra
  8. Hi Folks So I am just starting out with the software - have been playing around with it for a little while and thought I had got the correct idea but now that I have entered the last quarters transactions I am in trouble. I have run the income statement and it shows: 4000 Accounts receivable (13,032.00) 4120 Sales £10,770.51 Total Income (2,261.49) Gross Profit (2,261.49) I have entered a total of 14,146.00 for invoices, 2,454.81 of which is TAX (21%) base amount is 11,691.19 - I would have expected at least my sales figure to match the 11,591.19 I have searched the internet generally to see if I can find what the issue is. All my transactions shown in the ledgers for sales have a posting to the Accounts Receivable - everyone has paid by the way - just one invoice with 110 outstanding to pay. Is it because the payment of the invoice has not posted to the Accounts Receivable account - if that is the case how can I make sure that it does happen. If anyone can give me a pointer I would appreciate it Cheers Sandra
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