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  1. Hello all, have you been able to automatically allocate the COGS as an expense in order to be balanced against the inventory? Within the 'Item' Express Accounts configuration, there is a Cost and Expense option. If EA does not support that, how are you managing to reduce the Inventory value overtime? Thank you for looking into this! Perikles
  2. Hello, you will have to manage the stock (under Item -> Inventory) from within Express Accounts in order to get this report working. The report is actually better than Inventoria as it shows you the expected revenue given the quantity and sales price.
  3. Hello all, I changed the General Products Purchased to sub-class = Cost of Sales. I have maintained the Items with Quantity / Cost Price / Sales Price and I am only getting the General Sales (income) journal entry and not the Cost of Sales (expense). Am I doing something wrong? Thank you. Perikles
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