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  1. fynearts is you have a reply, please post it in here. It will help me and others, I'm sure. Thanks
  2. Thanks for info. It seems when sending the support request, it is only possible if I enter the "free trial" for 15 days and for that I need to give my CC info. Come on? There isn't any way to get support without paying. I'm trying to see if the product is worth buying after all. Any other advise you can give me?
  3. Hi, I'm testing one software of you guys and I'm trying to contact you for some questions and it seems to be an impossible task. Any email for enquires? Or at least will someone answer the doubts in forum. Thanks, Telmo Cardoso
  4. Hi, same thing here. There are stuff that I'm not able to delete and I'm testing the soft, so I'll need to delete them. Thanks
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