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  1. I have version 4.73 of Express Accounts. Why does the "Unpaid Accounts Report" have a total balance higher than the balance of the Accounts Receivable account? Shouldn't the total be the same?
  2. When I enter an account payable, and then apply payment to any invoice, the payment is credited to the Checking Account but not debited to the Accounts Payable account. Currently there is no account being debited for the payment. I have to "View Journal", find the transaction and manually edit the debit side of the transaction so that "Accounts Payable" is debited. If I didn't do this, then my Accounts Payable account would always show the wrong balance. My Chart of Accounts is complete but I can't figure out why the system does not debit Accounts Payable for payments made to suppliers. Thanks for your help.
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