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  1. Hi Thank you for the reply appreciate it bit silly isn't it that the software has to be running on the computer to allow web access Thank you again
  2. Hi I have purchased, downloaded and installed Inventoria on my computer and have set up web access as I want to access the software from my office computer and the software is installed on my home computer, I noticed though if I close the software application in Windows, the web based access stops working and says unable to connect, does the web access only work if the software is running? I think it is because I have not properly opened the port 1097, I found a guide on how to do it but still can't access the software by web access Can anyone help please as really struggling with it Thank you in advance
  3. Hi I was backing up a folder onto my FTP server and was doing all ok but on file came up saying out of memory and stopped backing up due to errors Is there a fix for this at all Kind regards Ian
  4. Hi I exported the customers data from my laptop and installed the software on my PC and am trying to import the data onto my PC but keeps saying its empty so go continue and is empty and have lost all my contacts, is there any other way to get the data back somehow I have emailed tech support but not sure how quick they reply as only have the free version not the paid one Any ideas or replies would be great Kind regards Ian Haney
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