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  1. Callers are reporting to me an echo when they speak. If I bypass Uplink and use Skype directly there are no issues. Any ideas on how this can be resolved??
  2. Spend enough time and you can resolve it yourself. If you have a multihomed or multiple network cards or are running VMware (as in my case) ensure that Uplink shows the correct SIP Private IP address. It was selecting the VMware adapter. Once I disabled the adapter and restarted Uplink it works fine. I didn't see an option in Uplink to bind to specific adapters or addresses for the Private address... maybe that would be a good option. Regards, Kevin
  3. Hello, I decided to give Uplink another shot since the last version I used constantly froze on my computer. The good news is that v1.30 doesn't seem to freeze. The bad news is there is no audio being transmitted to the connecting SIP phone... which is probably worse than my first issue! While making an outbound call (Asterisk->Uplink->Skype) I can see that Uplink transfers the call correctly to Skype, and that Skype connects fine. If I talk on the receiving end (call to my cellphone for example), I can see that Skype is receiving audio. I cannot hear any audio on the SIP p
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