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  1. Hi Morstaff, I dont have a Mac but if you look on YouTube there is a video that helps you to remove the new version and revert back to an old version. Im not sure if you can do it though because you didnt have the old version on your new computer. But give it a go.
  2. Fixed it... Thanks to YOU TUBE lol... Reverted back to Version 5.42 and its all working correctly!!!!!!!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE THAT UPDATE IS
  3. Hi, Hope someone can help as I cannot find any information or anything to guide me on what I should do here? Version 4.74 Everything was fine until I did the update... Now my invoices print over 2 pages with half the items on one page and the remainder plus the total on the other page. Even if there is only 2-3 items which would fit comfortably on one page the program is placing 2 items on one page and then the 3rd item on the 2nd page when I print. Ive played around with all the settings but it doesnt change back to how I had it before... Previous version didnt do this..... Ive tried to go back to the original version but it keeps this one!!!
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