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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forums here. I've been using VideoPad for a while and haven't found much for video editors that fit my needs (cheap, easy to use, don't need a lot of fancy effects). However, I still have a few issues. My computer can handle loading up large videos quite nicely. Something along the lines of a two hour clip at 1080p with a couple audio files. Editing goes smoothly at first. However, I've been finding when I start editing the video like crazy that by the time I scramble up an hour of movie into <30 minutes of individual clips, the program has a tendency to crash. This i
  2. I was having this problem. My problem seemed to be when I edited a clip to have nothing but black video, that edited clip would hold up the exporting process. It works to just remove any completely black clips from the sequence (assuming that is the problem here as well). Might even work to fill them with some kinda picture? Jason P.S. - My first post. Woo.
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