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  1. hi, guess I have a 2mbps bandwidth and the broadband rate is 56kbps , so I can have 40 concurrent listeners. If we have more than 40 , what'll happen to 41th listener? It can't listen or it connects and disconnects or someone else disconnects?
  2. hi, I installed broadwave on a system with two network adapter. Adapter A has the ip and connected to my intranet and the users will listen to broadwave audio through this adapter. Adapter B has the ip and connected to my router and use internet. Also I have a valid IP for the users that want to listen to audio through internet. The problem is that the system doesn't have internet access! if I disable intranet it can access internet! but when I enable it, it tries to access the intrernet with the intranet adapter!!! I also checked the win7 adapter settings (adva
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