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  1. Hi prfchan, To pay a balance owned to a supplier the best way to go is to submit a a payment using the option 'Immediate payment or purchase' you can select the supplier and the amount. And in the Journal memo you can just specify it is a payment for the Opening balance in the suppliers account.
  2. Hi sequill, The fields of Oldest Date Due and Last Invoice are auto-populated fields from the invoices created within the program, these fields are not user editable fields. Until an invoice is created for that customer the data will be shown there.
  3. Hello JKEDMO, The program is as flexible as possible in regards to how you would like to bill your customer, though there is no option to create a project to raise a bill upon that. You can create an invoice and while you progress with the project you can add / edit items in the created invoice, so at the end you will have one invoice with all that is billed. Hope this is helpful.
  4. Hi ShazzaB, Citus, Benero, It is unfortunate that this happened with your programs configuration. In similar scenarios what I have noticed is that the computer does not have a static IP address and when it reconnects to the network the router's DHCP which is the protocol in charge of assigning the IP addresses to the networked devices. Can you please check if this is what is affecting the synchronization. You can easily check this out by going to the Web Access options in Inventoria and if the Local Address, e.g.:, is different from the one showing in the Sync
  5. Hi Moz In the program you can try first to identify on which frequencies are Person A and Person B being registered in the audio, it the frequencies are very different then you can set a filter to remove those frequencies. In order to do the analysis you can first display a graph of the frequencies map using the TFFT tool in the Tools section, this will display a graph where you can see what frequencies are playing and at what intensity and you can play the file and the cursor will move through the graph so you can identify in the graph when is it that Person B speaks and if you place the
  6. You are welcome, I have checked the screenshots of the program Wavepad and for Mac and this image you shared with us is no published in the web page. However, it is not strange that the file is still in our web server as some web masters will leave them in the server if the could be used in the future and maybe they forgot to delete it. I apologize for that inconvenience. I have also installed the version of the program in which these screenshots where captured to check if whether or not there was an option to change the color of the spectrum. Unfortunately it seems to be that the colo
  7. Hi Clueless, In the program Wavepad the Temporal Freq. Analysis can only be displayed in Black and White colors. The intensity of the White color refers to the dB levels of the sound in that position.
  8. Hi Katherine, In the program Wavepad the procedure to set a device to be used as default for recording is set from the options in the program. Click on Options/Preferences and in the Recording tab you can set the device where to record from. As soon as you pick the device the volume level bars should start responding to the signal received from that device. If you speak to the mic the bars should react to that signal. Click on save when you have selected the device and set the amount of volume to use with that device. Assuming that in the Recording settings windows the volume bars were
  9. Hi all, I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the program Voxal. Voxal actually uses a software filter to capture the stream in from an input device (microphone) and outputs the sound modified so it can be used by other applications like Skype, games with voice communication, softphones, etc. It is known that the program filter might not be compatible with all the sound cards, and if it compatible with the card it is also possible that the stream the filter sends might not work with the application/program where intended to be used in. You can try to reinstall the
  10. Hi @cjgums What version of the program do you have installed? (you can check this on the lower left corner) Also what is the format of the files you are trying to load into the program? Please let me know this two things so I can test it on our side trying to replicate your same escenario.
  11. Hello @Barbie-liever and @Ray21 I will recommend you to instead of doing the clef change in a single score try using the option "Parts" and use one part with the Treble and another with the Bass clef. If you do it on a single part score the outcome will be unorganized and would look ordered for a reader to play it. So the Parts is what I'd recommend you to use. Regards,
  12. N_C_H_Isaias

    weekly function

    Hello @upc The program Debut will be able to start recording for scheduled tasks when the program is still running in the background, please make sure your system is not going to sleep or the program is not being closed otherwise the program will not be able to complete those tasks. Other thing to check is if the USB device is being put to idle, check the power options for your computer. In the case you need further assistance you can submit a ticket in our Support section of the NCH Website http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html?software=Debut&home=http://www.nch
  13. Dear @bnwflix I understand what the situation is, in Soundtap the audio is recorded from a filter installed in your system, so that means that the same audio that is being send to your speakers is being captured digitally by the filter and ends up being recorded in Soundtap; but Wavepad does not have that characteristic, so most likely you are recording what your speakers are playing through a microphone built-in or external, which is most of the cases will not be able to capture the sound exactly as it is being played by the speakers. By saying that, I will recommend you to use Sound
  14. @fillerup Hi, What is exactly the setup you are using to record with Golden Records? Are you using a pre-amp or is it a straight connection to the computer? Is it an analog connection to the microphone or line in in your sound card? or you are using an USB device? In the settings when you record what is the device you have selected to be the recording device? Let us know so we can provide you with further instructions. Regards.
  15. @Guest_Fernando_* Hola, En la version 3.88 del program Videopad, para superponer un video sobre otro de fondo se pueden utilizar las multiples pistas de video en el proyecto. Aplicando uno de los videos que quiere superponer en la pista 2 y aplicar los efectos para hacer que el video se vea como usted lo desea. Puede ver en el siguiente enlace un video instructivo como guia para sus proyectos. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8W90vqWvt2XWGpJWUROSVVJSEk/view?usp=sharing Dejenos saber en nuestra pagina de soporte si necesita mas atencion,
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