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  1. What i don't understand is why is it always a response of downloading something, why can no one assist with the issue, is no one else having the problem or does no one know how to fix it
  2. I am running Windows 8 I am using VideoPad Video Editior Version 3.12 I do not want to download an older version My problem is that, when I add a text clip to my video. the text shows up. but when i switch the attribute from "none" to "bottom-top" or any other variation other then "none" the text disappears and is just a blank screen. Why is this doing this I need some help.
  3. I would like to continue using the version I have, Is there any assistance you can provide the the current version i'm running?
  4. I am using Videopad Video version 3.12 my problem is i have my video working, i add a text clip at the end of the video and i want to do a scrolling vertical text from bottom to top, however when i select on any scrolling option other then None the text disappears and does not scroll even if i extend the clip as long as 10 mins, but when i place the scrolling back to none it shows the text perfectly fine, am i doing something wrong or is anyone having the same problem would like to have some assistance.
  5. Hey guys i'm new to this software i don't know anything so go easy with me lol i only know what i have seen through youtube and stuff. my question is i have one video that is about 5 minutes long and i have cut several sections out of it and for the most part the video plays okay however while playing you can def see the the screen flicker for just about a second but i was wondering if there is any way to transition the cuts more smootly so you don't notice them i am am using version 3.12 video pad video editor i appreciate any assistance.
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