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  1. Yeah aspect ratio is not a problem anymore but dropping frames during fade effects is bugging me, whole video is fine but when i add fade transition then this transition makes drops frames most of the time
  2. Yeah i managed to crop the files properly but im still using old version because 3.12 is just slower, builds preview much longer, both versions sometimes make the clips choppy and sometimes dont, it depends on what transitions and effects youre using, virtualdub ones dont make much problems, some of them dont work at all but some work fine, they just crash if you have 2 effects before them and hit preview button like RGBEqualizer. I like the software but if i want to add effects then its very unpredictable, i can rerender bad parts again but id like not to do that because preview works fine without any problems, why rendering final file has to be so unprediuctable, there are some serious bugs and i think they should focus on them first instead of adding more stuff, proper frame by frame rendering without any droped frames is really basic most important thing in video editor, if im gonna be on my faster internet i will upload example files along with project which will render dropped frames so maybe devs will see what i mean, or just use transition and fade one clip into another, then check teh clip, it dropped one or 2 frames at the end of the transition, happens everytime.
  3. I managed to render crpped file inv 3.12, theres setting in options / export to stretch video without black bars. Im usiing crop to mve frame up/down by keyframes but there is no mention of frame size when i hover over keyframes(1920x1080 etc like in 2.40). I noticed that export bug with dropped frames is random, yesterday i had it when creating multiple keyframes in crop effect but today it works fine on the same clip, also it happens only when rendering so there have to be some bug there cause it never happens in preview and everything is smooth, If i edit one clip then i can live with that but rendering 5 minute clip and realising that on some parts its dropping frames then i have to cut/paste with direct copy in virtualdub and replace bad parts with fixed rerendered ones also some clips dropped frames when rendered from time 4.02 but didnt dropped when rendered from 4.03 which is weird, im not sure whats causing it, i know it happens when you use fade from one clip to another, you can see dropped frame in the middle of fade, try it yourself and render because preview is always good.
  4. I think devs got it all wrong with aspect ratio and cropping, now you cant crop to anything else besides 16:9 or 4:3 but in videopad 2.40 you can do it. If in videopad 3.12 you can make file with other aspect ratio than 16:9 or 4:3 then youre magician. I want aspect of 2:35 or 2:20, or 2:40 not just 16:9 and 4:3 so i cant use videopad 3.12 at all, if i crop with videopad 2.40 then i can crop to desired frame size of 1920x864 cause i can see the numbers of frame size but in 3.12 i have no clue whats the size im just moving some rectangle randomly by eye , theres some scale numbers that mean 0 to me, id like to see frame size.I never use effect by clickin on top menu, i always use star on clip. Version 3.12 is big failure, why do i need so many damn thumbnails?! everywhere thumbnails , even under video for no reason, i guess to slowdown cpu ?! wow. I dont need thumbnails anywhere besides timeline, please remove all thumbnails that eat memory and they do eat memory even if some stats show otherwise. I dont know but it looks like they hired new dev and hes turning everything upside down which is very bad. I know having keyframes during effects is very nice but not at that price, now crop is crap, it used to work really nice and i could see desired frame size then i took that frame size and typed it in rendering window and it was all fine but now, its some transparency area that gets turned into black borders when you crop... noooooo. By the way when im using crop in 3.12 and i want to use keyframing to move frame up/ down a couple of times then i get dropped frames on every keyframe and its all ruined very jittery movement through entire crop effect, i think keyframing need tweaks so it would not produce double frames( the same frame displayed twice or more) and dropped frames.It is problem with native effects, there must be some bug somewhere that creates frame drops and duplicates because when i use virtualdub motion plugin to move my video up/down then framedropping and cloning doesnt happen at all. I discovered that when i render in 29.97fps instead of real 23.976 fps of my clip then it drops less frames when using many keyframes during crop effect so maybe that will help devs fix this issue
  5. Its not resolved in 3.12 but it works nice in 2.40 because i can use crop effect that tells me frame dimensions instead of percentage which is pointless in new version.When i use crop in 3.12 it just adds black bars on top and on sides which is very very bad !!! Old method should be bring back so we could see frame size in pixels.
  6. I reported this bug more than year ago cause it prevented me to use videopad, it drops frames in rendered video, happens when im using effects like fade at the beginning of the video clips, for example when i fade in then it drops frames but when i fade out then it doesnt, so there has to be something wrong when outputting to renderer when using effects because everything is fine if i dont use any effects, files are without dropped frames, i thought someone looked into it but its still unfixed in version 3:12 You cant add effects like fade between clips or zoom cause it drops frames terribly, displaying the same frame twice , dropping next ones etc. its not useable really, should be removed so people dont waste time using it and then realizing that it ruined video smoothness because in preview its fine but after rendering its really bad. It doesnt drop frames when im using virtualdub fade effect at the beginning which is very weird cause it drops frames using native fade effect, i think cause its not frame based like virtualdub one but time/seconds based . Im using files recorded by canon dslr h.264 in 23.976 fps, you can try them yourself , try to slap some fade effect between clips or change some colours then render in detected format then NOT enjoy dropped frames. Can you implement custom aspect ratio cropmarks, just simple overlay lines on top and bottom of video ? Can i see video dimensions when im using crop function? currently i have no clue whats the crop factor, it doesnt tell me aspect ratio when i use crop and doesnt tell me frame size, i crop the size to 2:20 aspect ratio which is about 1920x864 and i render in that size but what i get is 1920x1200 size , looks like it doesnt really crop at all and just slaps black borders to 4:3 frame ? How can i force my own aspect ratio of 2:35 or 2:20 ? Now if i set force ratio to none then it forces 4:3 anyway and i get 1920x1200... I dont think its even possible to crop from 1920x1080 to 1920x864 without black bars in version 3.12 but it was possible using crop effect in older version without green keyframe + , when i use crop then it should display when im on 1920x864,865,866 etc like in old version of videopad, not just some percentage that tells me nothing and its there only for asthetic purposes. --- Yeah its not possible now to crop to custom aspect ratio at all, program is forcing aspect ratios adding black bars wasting codec bandwidth.... so its forced 16:9 or forced 4:3 Please add other aspect ratios because now crop function is not functional at all and adds black bars, dont use percentage and use frame sizes ive never heard of cropping to 50%, who says that? You always crop to desired aspect ratios or frame sizes. That fade in issue is really serious problem i believe theres timing bug somewhere cause once the effect is not active then it stops dropping frames but when i use effects like fade, or position etc. in new or old versions then it drops frames. I can edit files without using fade effects but im limited, it would be nice if virtualdub effects would update preview automatically without need to press "preview" button after every tweak cause its killing me and its time consuming, now i have to memorize numbers and settings. ---------
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