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  1. Yeah I eventually tried that about and it worked a treat
  2. Can somebody please tell me how the hell I can reset invoice numbers? I have tried going in to "Preferences" "Numbering" "Sales Numbering" and reset that to 10000 but when ever I go to Invoice, create new, it starts from 10001? I have tried every numbering possible 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 and even 0 but for some reason I can not get it to save and reset .... If I press OK and Cancel it goes back to 10000 no matter what number I put in the boxes in numbering I have deleted all the test invoices etc and the program is clean
  3. Thanks, but how long does it take? ... I have lost a few days of input data and need to get my accounts and stock control up to date as soon as possible and this has been in for weeks now I am scared to put any more data in to my accounts package incase it all gets wiped again
  4. Right I am having a right issue trying to get my programs to communicate. I have the following programs installed on my iMac: Express Accounts - Version 4.73 Inventoria - Version 3.41 They are both loaded correctly and registered. The issue I have is I can not for the life of me get the two to communicate? I have followed the instructions (what I can find) to the T. I am only using on one computer and not on a separate server or network. I have set the Inventoria Communication key to 12345, I have then set the Inventoria IP address to automatic and the port to 1097 .... I have then copied these setting over on the Express Accounts settings but when ever I ask the program to retrieve locations I get the following: LOCATION REQUEST FAILED - Server Failed to Accept Incoming Transmission I have no FIREWALL settings applied Surely as I am ONLY using the programs on one computer (not networked) then there should be a simpler way to get these two pieces of software communicating .... At present I do not want to set up Cloud Access as I don't need it but I may in the future. I have also purchased Express Invoice as I was told that this would help all programs communicate .... in a way it does i.e. I can input data in to Inventoria, then import data from Inventoria into Express Invoive, then I can import data from Express Invoice in Express Accounts .... however doing it this way WIPES clean any data stored in Express Accounts??? Which is a total waste of time I have even taken my iMac down to Apple to see if they can get the programs to communicate (without success) .... they say there is nothing wrong with the Mac and its is solely down to a program issue .... so PLEASE NCH .... HELP!!!!!!
  5. So When I try to import Data from Express Invoice it totally wipes any data already in Express Accounts? Why would this happen? As I can't get the three programs Inventoria - Express Invoice - Express Accounts to connect over my local network (help needed with that if any iMac users are on here) then the only way to get all my data from Inventoria is to go import date from Inventoria in Express Invoice and then again from Invoice to Accounts .... if that makes sense PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY
  6. So can anyone tell me what the average response time is to a support question? 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks or longer? I sent a request in last Thursday and I am still waiting for a response?
  7. So this is what I got after reporting the bug and NO it doesn't work ..... if somebody from NCH is reading this thread please contact me as I want a full refund as your program sucks: New or Fix Version Available A new version 3.43 of Inventoria is available which has fixed many reported bugs (probably including this one). Please download the fix version using this link: http://www.nchsoftware.com/inventory/invmaci.zip It is a small download. Just run the file after download and it will install over-the-top. If the problem persists after you have installed the patch version please resubmit this message using the Help menu of the installed new version.
  8. Hi Tony, Well I gave up last night and went to bed very frustrated with this program So this morning at 6.30 I get out of bed full of beans thinking today I will crack this, start up the iMac open Inventoria 3.41 head over to preferences, Web Access and hit the Advanced Routing ..... Crash (Signal 10), re open, Crash (Signal 10) send bug report, get message saying there is an update of 3.43, download, drag and drop in to Applications, remove icon from dock, re open through applications Inventoria icon, program opens but it is the same version?? result CRASH (SIGNAL 10) I am a little bit peeved to say the least ..... I wonder if any one from NCH will give any help and assistance because I am 5 days away from demanding my money back .... shame really as it seems a lot of hype for nothing. And after spending 6 months looking for the right program it looks like I am back to the drawing board
  9. Hi Tony, So followed your instructions to the T and no still not working when I hit the Retrieve Settings I get this message: LOCATION REQUEST FAILED: Unable to connect to host imac-a2gh6b through port 1097 I have tried changing the port but still nothing
  10. Would that be like the help I asked for last Thursday????
  11. Hi, it wont let me manually put anything in the Local settings: I have the Local Port No. then a drop down box with the following options: Automatic IP ( Static IP ( Computer Host: imac-a2gh6b Host FQDN: imac-a2gh6b Use Public IP:
  12. I have tried everything it keeps coming with a router issue? If I knew it was going to be so complicated I would have saved 200 I an no expert on computers, I am a sole trader trying to make my life a bit easier .... why would I need to connect over the internet? I have two programs working on one computer FGS So why the hell does it need TCP/IP anf Router setting and bloody firewalls .... arrgghhhh
  13. Hi everybody, can somebody please help me out with this one PLEASE!! I bought the Express Accounts and Inventoria package deal as it states and I quote "Integrates with Inventoria to maintain inventory data across all aspects of your business" But I can't for the life of me work out how to do this? There is nowhere on either program that say import data from Inventoria or vice versa ...... The only thing I have found on Express Accounts is "Import Data from Express Invoice"
  14. Yes I understand the round up round down .... But obviously this is a glitch in the software .... The only way I have found to get the accounts payable to record is to insert £150.74 in to the amount box .... My only problem with this is that every invoice is going to show 1p short .... Not a BIG problem unless I do 1000's of invoices ...... I just think it is not something that should happen?
  15. A-Men .... What you seem to be doing is calculating you total figure by 20% therefore giving you a figure of £140 (£700 x 20% = £140) however that would be if your final figure was to be £700 + VAT. If your actually cost of the job less VAT then the calculation is different ... it is 700 divided by 1.2 giving you a cost before tax of £583.33 and a VAT amount of £116.67 = Total incl VAT of £700 Now I am no accountant and I struggled with this adding tax deducting tax until a friend introduced me to a little APP for my iPhone .... its called Sulfur VAT And if you have been paying too much tax to the VAT man for the last 9 years you might be due a nice refund LOL .... ask your accountant friend
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