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  1. Dear NHC guys, are you there? An answer would be nice. Or did the NHC company disappear?
  2. I still have the same problem. Sent an report to the NHC tech support, we will see will they answer...
  3. Thanks Dougie, I checked, i have all my pictures in a row 16:9 already. And still it doesn't preview them OK. Only some of them are shown in the preview. And the crashing, well that is still a mistery...
  4. That's right, borate, in version 3.10 I also didn't encounter this missing subtitles situation. The issue occured in version 3.12 and is still here
  5. Thanks Nat for reproducing the situation. It really is strange. I hope NHC will answer somethin. And fix it, of course! What do you say, NHC guys, will you give it a look?
  6. Thanks Nat for the informative answer. You are an active member :-)But I'm already using text option and all the good things that go with it, but I also like to use subtitles. And for some reason there is this problem I explained in my post. If I have to use tricks to avoid subtitles, I'd like to know why - anyone had the same expirience using subtitles, or you are guessing what could be the reason of the problem, please post - I'm all ears :-) Anyone? Regards
  7. I just exported a litle 4 minute video and when I played it i realised that the subtitles are missing. I opened the project and previewed it in the video editor (3.12) and I noticed a strange behaviour (if enybody encountered the same, plesae give an advice): the subtitles are well added (i see them when i clik the subtitles button) but when i preview the video they are not visible - but they become visible if I PAUSE the preview playback when the cursor is over the part where the subtitles should be, and then if i resume right after that (very strange)??? In the exported video the pause/res
  8. This is the current situation: I deleted the biggest part of images, left just 18. Cleared cache and now the Video Pad doesn't crash - it is a step forward. But this is not really the solution. I just began to glue the clips in a film (just few minutes total duration is done, film is in an early fase of development) and I am afraid that the crashing will begin again when I add new parts on the video line. So what should I do? Why is crashing happening? Any advice is more than welcome. Any advice from you NHC people? I left you 6 bug reports, no answer. P.S. This 18 photos that I
  9. Thanks Nat, the crashes are there on all kind of actions, when rendering is in the process, when moving or adding components on the video line, all the time. I'll try to work with a reduced number of elements, to see if the crashes will stop, but that is not a solution. I would like to know, dear NHC people if you read this please answer :-), is there a software limitation in number or the size or the quality or the number of overlaying elements on the video line? Is WIN 64 bit a problem (I didn't get a warning when downloading or when buying a licence, and the trial was working gr
  10. Thanks for the idea. I wish it was so simple as updating drivers. My drivers are up to date (doublechecked). What else can I do?
  11. Hi, starting yesterday when I upgraded from V 3.10, I started using Video Pad 3.12 (licenced user) on a Win7 (64bit) comp, intel i7 quad core, 8GB RAM, great graphics, really strong computer, but the software keeps crashing. I was using 3.10 and all was ok, arranging HD video clips, text, efects, images, overlaying, audio, everything, but then i upgraded, and added new files in my project (arround 50 photos) and dragged them onto the video line to position them, and then I started to expirience severe crashing problems on almost every action I do. It is apsolutely frustrating to work w
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