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  1. Hello I have the version 4.72. I ask myself if I have to face the same problem about year-end closing. .?I mean is there a specific procedure in the menu to run the year ending closing or by filling in the date in the option "Fiscal year end:", it will be processed automatically What 's happened when enabling Closed-to-date option ? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Hello, I made with success the import of items (1711 rows) and the import of sales invoices. I have now a problem to import Journal Transactions. I do not understand what I missed this time. I copied my csv test file below. DATE Journal type Reference Description (Journal Memo) Account number Account Description Debit amount Credit amount 10/02/2013 GJ GJ1 Journal Entry AC ADMIN FEE 6900 Bank Charges 48.77 - 10/02/2013 GJ GJ2 Journal Entry AC ADMIN FEE 1100 HSBC - 48.77 I got the following window: "Required Information Missing" 1. Journal type 2. Reference 3. Description (Journal Memo) 4. Account Number 5. Debit or Credit amount I will appreciate any assistance in the matter. Thanks Mike
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