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  1. oh i almost forgot if you can't use your internal mic (from PC/Laptop) then get an external mic
  2. sorry this is late but skip to 5:26 if you don't watch the video here it is so first you have to have your audio device (EZCAP usb audio device) to listen through your speakers for sound (have your earphones/headphones plugged in if your trying to record your microphone i'll explain the reason behind this ) so if your trying to record both your voice and microphone have the box next to microphone in the audio section at the bottom of the settings checked and have speakers checked as well then adjust the volumes for both of these so its acceptable where you hear game audio but its not
  3. i'm not sure if i posted in the right section for this but i want a refund for Debut video capture software as i am not happy with it i did register it but once i did it would not work right. Even though i registered it can i still get a refund if i unregister and give you everything i received from the purchase
  4. the free version is a trial there's also no watermark or time limit
  5. say for instance my laptop stops working if i put the program on a disc or flash drive will it still work or would i have to purchase it again. i really don't want to have to purchase this program again just because my pc or laptop stopped working
  6. hey i have a video for this here
  7. you have to uninstall all the software that can interfere (this includes windows movie maker) and reinstall it then plug in your diamond open the software you want to use with it and it should work i had to do this with my ezcap because i had this problem a few days ago
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