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  1. Thank all of you for your time and attention, borate your answer was helpful to the point I was left with a gap in it, then I found Nationalsolo's answer with how to delete the gap and I have it. Thankyou. you helped me help a 86 yr old lady watch an old movie, it has only one subtitle I can find and at the half way point it became 16 secs off. It is now good.. I thankyou for helping me so quick, you are are wonderful.
  2. I am very new to all of this but I have spent several hours now trying to remove 16 secs from a 2hour mp4 clip. I ended up with my computer crashing as I tried to do too much at once with it. I have searched the help file, and watched 3 videos, and read starter guides and more, and searched this forum and have not found out how to remove a part from the middle of a video clip. I don't need to trim the front or back, I need to remove a bit in the middle. Is there anyone who could explain step by step how to do this or tell me where to go to learn. Or maybe another editor that could do this. I can't use movie maker, not working on vista system anymore. desire to: remove 16 secs of video from the middle of a mp4 video clip. useing videopad video editor version: 3.04 on a vista pc I would think this is a common thing, like removing dead space in home recordings or commercials from recorded tv. Thanks for your time and attention any help would be greatly appretiated.
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