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  1. Did you receive it or did you record it? First you record it and then you have to find it in the list and recevie it. Right click->receive stock
  2. tankd0g

    Bar codes

    If you mean doing an inventory count or receiving with a scanner, I don't beleive that is possible. You can use bar codes for your item numbers but there are not fields for both a UPC and an item number, it's one or the other. I use my Item number field for the bar code and then I have my item number in brackets at the begining of the item description.
  3. I would love to see orders tied into the item list so that when you bring up an item it will tell you how many you have on order and the order number/PO number. Also in the order list screen it would be nice to have some way to identify what location each order is for.
  4. Hi, I'm using 3.36v and was wondering how people are handlign backorders on received orders? Currently I edit the order to remove the backordered items and receive it and then I have to set up a new order with the back ordered items on it. Is that really the only way to do it in Inventoria?
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