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  1. Hello, I am investigating this issue. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to duplicate it myself. Everything works fine on my computer and DVD player. I would appreciate any users that will share the following information with me when they have problems with the DVD output. I generally use .mp3 for audio and haven't had any problems there either, so please share specifics with me of what you encounter for audio errors as well. I am using the current version v3.38. If you are willing to help, please share the following information with me: Platform – Windows/Mac - Operating System –
  2. This is much easier to do now. From the File menu, you can Save shortcuts or Load shortcuts from a fie that someone else has saved. The business license includes networked shortcuts which can be shared between employees.
  3. You can do this using a Macro Shortcut. 1. Create a new Macro. 2. Double-click the combination you want to use from the list and it will be added to the Shorcut: text box. 3. Click Input 4. Enter in one of the following: Expansion Resulting format kbrd_input "system date YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS" 2010-02-09 16:59:52 kbrd_input "system date YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM" 2010-02-09 17:00 kbrd_input "system date YYYY-MM-DD" 2010-02-09 kbrd_input "system date MM/DD/YY" 02/09/10 This is the help page for this feature - http
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