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  1. Another one here. Using fling 2.35 with win2012 server. 8gb memory was easily chewed up by fling. After restart it takes about 48 hours until next restart. I made Another check ad can see that approx 10K from NP pool is consumed every second. I ende up scheduling a restart of t service"flingservice" every24 hours.
  2. Hello Another "weather guy". Same issue as above. FLig 2.35is consuming memory up to the system bcomes unresponsive. After restart it works again. I am using win2012. Fling 2.21 is working fine with win2008R2, no problems at all.
  3. Hello. I think this is still an issue. I have been using version 2.21 for a long time and decided to purchase this nice software. I was quiet dissapointed with 2.28 because it stopped updating due to file exclusions. Returning back to 2.21 it worked again. Today I purchased 2.32 because I thougt this issue had been fixed but sadly it is still there. I there a solution in an near future? I really like this software but..... /Bjorn
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