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  1. I what to create a video using a powerpoint presentation and a webcam recording. I can create the powerpoint presentation, it is easy, just use the screen feature of Debut. I can create a video using a webcam with Debut device. But what I haven't found how to do is to create a recording having the ppt and webcam at the same time. Can anyone show me how this can be done with Debut. I can do it with screencast-o-matic, but I want to know if Debut produces better quality videos. Sincerely, Luis Antonios
  2. GavinP: I have been using screencast-o-matic free version to do this. I downloaded Debut free version to use it for better quality, but can't find how to do this with Debut. I can record any screen and sound with my mic. I can record my webcam and sound. But I don't know how to get them together like screencast does. Don't have what FarrisB suggests. This thread was posted over a year ago, but I think the same is true today. Sincerely, Luis Antonio
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