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  1. Hi, I'm using... Axon for my PBX Stanaphone for incoming calls Skype for outgoing calls using uplink PAP2 for FXS My one issue... (found the other problem and solved it) so just one issue... When everything is finally configured correctly and I make a call, skype freezes 8 seconds in to the call. During those 8 seconds there is no audio heard between the two lines. I do have the audio devices set to Uplink in skype. For some reason audio is not being forwarded between the two devices and I'm not sure if it's between Uplink and Axon or it's between Skype and Uplink. Incoming
  2. Hi, I have the most up to date Uplink v1.21 and Skype and have the same problem, except there is no option for uplink driver in the sound devices page in skype. Did you have to load something else to get those there?
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