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  1. I don't understand? Please elucidate. Is there a way I could compare the quality in an objective way that doesn't rely on my own eyesight and ability to spot minute detail (as good as they usually are)?
  2. If I import a video into VideoPad, export it, import the exported video back into VideoPad and then export it again, will the final video have less quality (or be lesser in anyway) to if I only exported it once? Thanks (In case I need to clarify why I would do this - if I have a separate video and audio file, I'd use the first export to group them together, meaning I could then edit it without having to worry about accidentally unsynicing my files)
  3. I get the exact same problem. It is really pissing me off.Tell me, your project file, does it still have a size? Like, is it still 50KB or whatever it is? That would suggest to me that the original stuff is still in it, it just won't open because of corruption. I'm desperately trying to work out if there is a way to restore it.
  4. Update 3.4 says that you can give priority to a clip to load first. How do I do this? I am struggling to find the option. Thanks
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