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  1. I figured out my issue. It turns out that the Grandstream GXP1405 is particular in how you forward a call. Once I followed this procedure, I had no issues: 1) When you receive an external call press transfer to begin transfer process 2) Dial the extension you want to transfer to followed by a # key 3) The phone will dial the extension and if you want to perform an attended transfer, wait till xtension picks up, then press transfer key again. If you want to perform an unattended transfer, just press transfer key after hitting the # key. Do not use the softkey transfer button. This will cause the call to hang up.
  2. Not sure of your question. Is your phone registering on Axon? Is your issue with contacting your VOIP service provider?
  3. I have the same problem. Was there ever a solution to this???
  4. Great Information. My experience is the same as MarekPytel. My issue is internally transferring calls. I am using grandstream GXP1405 ip phones each with 2 lines (x101/x201 & x102/x202) connected to Axon Pbx. When I use an outside line to call into the system and answer the call on x101 everything is fine. I press the transfer key on the phone, there is a pause and then axon shows the outside line as being disconnected. Axon shows the following: 10:01:16 Transfer initiated from sip:101@{Axon_ip_address}:5060. Connecting "{external call id}"<sip:+{PSTN_phone_number}@{external_ip_address}:5060> with sip:102@{Axon_ip_address}. 10:01:22 Call+{PSTN_phone_number}-> 101 disconnected I have no issues with transferring calls to external PSTN numbers. Only with transferring internal numbers. Any help is appreciated.
  5. thaggenmiller

    Audio Issues

    Ok, I finally solved my issue after hours on the phone with support for firewall and VOIP provider. Here is my setup and the solution. VOIP Provider - ViaTalk, Firewall - SonicWall 205, Axon PBX Server and Grandstream GXP1405 IP Phone. The following settings were changed. 1. Use non-Asterisk based server from VOIP provider. 2. Have SonicWall VOIP options turned off and the following ports forwarded to the PBX - 5060, 5070, 8000-8020. 3. Ensure the PBX is registering the external IP address when starting. Because the SonicWall is a 'reflexive' NAT, STUN will not work. In addition, SonicWall does not support UPNP. So if you have a dynamic external IP Address, you will need to manually put that address into the Static IP option in Axon and update everytime the DHCP server gives you a new address. I suppose you could use a dynamic DNS address if axon supports that. Now I have audio both ways on incoming calls.
  6. thaggenmiller

    Audio Issues

    I have the same issue. I think it has to do with Axon's failure to NAT the netphone's ipaddress:PORT(local) to ipaddress:PORT(public) during the re-invite process. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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