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  1. codesixs

    Port problem

    Hi, How I can make the port to 5080? I try it. But when I set the port 5080. I cannot login my ext. line.(My ext. line is port 5060) Anybody know what`s the problem on ? Thank you! Ernest
  2. Any error in the log ?
  3. codesixs

    web control edit

    Hi buddy, Anyone knows how can edit the website in the admin page? I want to add my logn inside, and del the link to the NCH Thank you Ernest Tse
  4. codesixs

    Fax support?

    Hi all, Does AXON Support Fax ? T.38 ? Thank you!
  5. Hi, I found that file But do you know what the item name ? The "3" & "4" ? Tks!
  6. Dear all, I want to know , how I can count my client min by the log ? or the cvs file? I cannot find that .cvs file. Can anybody tell me where is it? I want to count my clients min by that file..... Thank you!
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