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  1. Ok, something funky happened: I tried Express Talk by itself using my SIP provider directly and I got the same problem,.. noise. But I just installed PBXNSIP, and it works beautifully. I am going to stick to PBXNSIP for now. I am considering purchasing, since it worked right off the bat, even though it is a bit more expensive, but I need something that works, so if anyone else has this problem, by ExpressTalk from NCH, but buy PBXNSIP Cheers
  2. can you give concrete examples ? Like is for instance I am using two extensions, one on & another on .10 and the axon server is on .7 I think that might be my problem. When I answer a call,..it works fine, but as soon as I try to connect back to it (like bringing a customer back off hold) I get a shit load of noise and distortion. Maybe explain which ports to foward,. etc.. or if there is already a document that explains this case scenario tell us where to check,.. to many help files and support pages scattered all over for these products. Thank you
  3. Ok, I have just discovered a pattern. I'ts not when I transfer calls from IVM to expresstalk,.. This is the pattern: The first connection from my customer, whether it's to thet IVM OGM or if it's to an extension directly, it sounds good,. but the momento I place the customer OFF hold (after placing on hold) or transfer him to another extension, that's when I get this static noise and distortion. It happenes everytime,.. when first connected runs clean and quiete, but when I place on hold, and then place back off hold (start to speak to customer) the noise begins. I have tried two sou
  4. Hello, I have Axon, and IVM installed on one PC, and Express Talk installed on another in the same LAN. When I set up a group to only answer on extension 101 , I get the call notice , I answer the call, and everything runs really really well. I can place a customer on hold and everything. The problem come in when I want to have the IVM Attendant answer the call (I setup the group to answer only on extencion 198). The call comes in, I get the OGM , sounds good, when I press 1 (which I have a setup a rule for to transfer to number 101 , my extension) I get the call alert, but w
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