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  1. I have windows 8, i7,16 Gb ram, 2 GB dedicated Graphics card, High speed net. I use Debut exclusively for Game capture and I'm not happy with the lag I get uppon playback,. I capture in AVI high quality 30 FPS,. The quality is great, The Lag and scratchy audio is pissing me off!, Not to metion I am unable to record my own vioce when using Team speak,. To add insult to injury, Premeir Pro doesnt accept any format I record using Debut. I do love NCH Vidio Pad editer but having adobe creative cloud and not being able to use it with Debut recorded content is a fracking greek tragedy! Any suggestions?
  2. At least you can get Premeir pro to reconize audio, My AVI are treated as corrupted, Matter of fact premeir pro doesnt reconize any format I record with debut!
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