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  1. G'day all, I've just put together a 15 minute slideshow using the free version of Photostage Slideshow Producer Pro v2.21. I decided to try before I buy. It didn't take long to learn to use the program and its functions. I really do like it and I was impressed enough to think that I would most likely purchase and use it as my primary slideshow maker. I'm not a complete newbie, I've been editing images and using several well known image editors for a number of years. But it was obvious even in the preview screen of Photostage that the images and the text overlays looked a little fuzzy and degraded. On fullscreen playback the image results range from disappointing to atrocious. The text and images are blurred with many just decernable pixelated areas. Several of my photographic images sizes that I used are 1900 X 1344 pixels at 72 DPI but most of them are 2048 X 1536pixels at 72 DPI. Can somebody tell me whats happening here? Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks, Terentius.
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